White Flag Performance Group

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Sean founded White Flag Performance Group in 2011 with Co-Artistic Director Rowen Haigh and Associate Artist Amy Kronzer.  The experimental touring company has continued to grow, increasing the scale of productions and adding new cities to its tour schedule each year.  White Flag specializes in the creation of new work, placing emphasis on collaboration, physicality, and the absurd.


The real work starts with surrender.  White Flag believes that the survival of theatre depends on our ability to relinquish our preconceptions of what live performance looks like, how it serves us, and how it is made.  Our mission is to create deeply curious theatre that honors the complexities and difficulties of human experience, holding ourselves responsible for achieving the highest quality in both process and product.  We practice an intensely collaborative approach to devising and scripting to generate performances of arresting imagery, heightened physicality, and tragicomic absurdity.  In the interest of exploring what the live arts are becoming in the 21st century, White Flag is also dedicated to interdisciplinary dialogue and touring to connect and collaborate with a diverse range of communities.  As a group, we relish discomfort, risk, extremity, and the relentless pursuit of fun.

To find out more about White Flag, click HERE.

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