The Bear Loves Honey (White Flag 2013).  The Bear Loves Honey is a meditation on the dark world inside the apartment of a grave-robber.   It is inspired by the story of Anatoly Moskvin, a Russian historian and self-proclaimed ‘necrologist’ who was arrested in 2011 for digging up the bodies of 29 girls and young women from local cemeteries.  In the video: Scene 3 – Removal of Internal Organs, filmed live at Actors Guild of Lexington, July 2013.  Dir. Rowen Haigh & Sean Mahoney; Lighting & Sound Design: Sean Mahoney.

Mini-Documentary on Really You Should Use Bullets (White Flag 2012).  Bullets is an original clown show about life after death.  Dir. Rowen Haigh & Sean Mahoney.  Documentary by Dawn Kelley.

Kickstarter Fundraising Video for The Bear Loves Honey tour (White Flag 2013).  Video includes rehearsal footage and interviews with Sean and other White Flag members; White Flag successfully raised over $8,000 for its 2013 summer tour.


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C O N T A C T :

S E A N M A H O N E Y 3 3 @ G M A I L . C O M

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