Sean has been writing, devising, and developing new plays for fifteen years, and his written work has been produced in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine, and Virginia.  Sean’s plays tend toward the absurd and existential, often using non-linear structures to examine our experiences of time, place, and self.  For instance, in Sean’s satirical ‘Americana’ script, A Dream of Wings, Casey (of Casey at the Bat) is building the world’s first airplane with parts that he orders from – the play foregrounds our nation’s confused relationship to its own history in order to explore questions of American identity and mythology.

In addition to the traditional scripting model (playwright writes script, director directs script, etc.), Sean works with his company, White Flag Performance Group, to devise and develop new plays in collaborative and improvisational ways.  Some stories simply can’t be told by a single person with a pen and paper; some stories require a team of people working, playing, fighting, and thinking together to be pulled from the ether and become incarnate before an audience.  Similarly, one branch of Sean’s current research is examining the development of new formats of live performance, such as Live Magazines, Flash Mobs, and Immersive Performance.

Sean’s experimentation with different scripting models arises from his deep fascination with the alchemy of the creative process – he is endlessly excited by the creation of compelling narratives, images, characters, and worlds.


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