Sean’s directing style is purposefully eclectic, integrating ideas from a diverse blend of acting styles.  He has worked and trained with directors Andrew Belser of the Gravity Project, Whit MacLaughlin of New Paradise Laboratories, Woolly Mammoth’s Yury Urnov and Howard Shalwitz, David Richmond of Collectif Organum, Don Reider of Klaunadia/Cirque du Soleil, and dancers such as Nathan Dryden, Yvonne Ng, K.J. Holmes, and Stephanie Skura.

Sean’s range of work with actors, musicians, performance artists, clowns, dancers, and aerial artists has engendered a deep respect for the necessity of flexibility in his vision and approach.  He believes that an important part of a director’s job is to be ‘multi-lingual’ in terms of acting and performance styles, so that the process can be tailored to the needs of individual performers and specific productions. Combining years of study in Creative Writing, Music, Psychology, Philosophy, and Consciousness Studies with ideas from performance styles such as Contact Improvisation, Clowning, Open-Source Releasing, Viewpoints, Fitzmaurice, Lecoq, Stanislavski, and Grotowski, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to his rehearsals.

Sean’s aesthetic is modern and minimalist, favoring strong, strange, and simple imagery over lavish design choices.  Though he works often with highly technical elements such as multiple projections, shadow puppetry, and various styles of sound/music design and manipulation, Sean remains true to his belief that technology should not be ‘laid on top’ of a performance, but should be used in essential ways that serve the production as a whole.  His directing is firmly rooted in a belief that the art of theatre is a necessary and unique exploration of the human condition.

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