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Sean Mahoney, founder and Co-Artistic Director of White Flag Performance Group, is a teacher, director, playwright, designer, and composer. His professional life is dedicated to the creation of new works that honor the complexities of individual experience, and his teaching philosophy is guided by the belief that each individual brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the conversation. Sean integrates studies in Music, Philosophy, English, Psychology, and Consciousness Studies with a collaborative approach to making theatre that engages the body.  

Originally from State College, Pennsylvania, Sean has been self-producing music, theatre, and poetry for over twenty years.  His work is grounded in a firm belief that we connect with the world around us when we speak honestly and fiercely about our own isolated, fragmented, and inexplicable experiences. At its best, art invites us to engage in conversation, with ourselves and others, about what it means to be human; it is the excitement, risk, and depth of this conversation that drives Sean as an artist. A self-proclaimed ‘romantic absurdist,’ Sean employs arresting imagery, heightened physicality, clowning, absurd language, poetry, and powerful design choices to generate work that short-circuits the brain and emboldens our deep desire for belonging. As a firm believer that product is a part of process, Sean’s rehearsals, classes, and workshops reflect a commitment to presence, deep attention, and curiosity.  

Sean trained under Gravity Project founder Andrew Belser, and has collaborated with choreographer Stephanie Skura, Whit MacLaughlin of New Paradise Laboratories, David Richmond of Collectif Organum, playwright Russell Davis, and Woolly Mammoth’s Howard Shalwitz.  His work has been produced in Maryland, Maine, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Mahoney holds a BA in Directing and Playwriting from Juniata College, and received his MFA from Towson University in 2014.

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